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User Testimonials:

Thank you very much, you saved me hours of survey and drawing, you were very kind, from now on I tell you that I am going to recommend your program to all my acquaintances, greetings and again many thanks.

Luciano Ariel López



The embedded lost images are nothing, I'm just happy all my work in the past few days is successfully rescued.

Once again, THANK YOU very much! You guys are the best!

«Astor Khang – i Gamer


Recovery ToolBoox for Ai, was an excellent and unique option for taking care of a corrupted AI FILE, their tech support where fast and very helpfull, don't doub it.



Spectacular work, thank you!



Great job.

Speziell thanks for you. It.s my Christmas present. *happy

Merry Christmas for you an your family

Kind regards! Leif Seeck. 22-Dec-2015

I want to thank you for your Recovery Toolbox for Word. It literally saved the day today by recovering a very lengthy file that became corrupted. A full days work was saved.

Thanks! Ray Pfeffe. 23-Nov-2015

Using Outlook 2007 and folder it froze and outlook hung.

Outlook would not then open.

Used Microsoft scanpst.exe twice on each .pst file, for each case first and second pass 'errors found' but no errors found after that.

Outlook then started but none of the .pst would open.

Ran recoverytoolbox just on imap .pst relating to on one account.

Then outlook started correctly and all .pst files were accessible.

Thanks! Peter. 28-Oct-2015

File was damaged personal folder.pst because its exceed 2.01 GB but Recovery Toolbox recovers all of its.

Thanks! Gabriela Williner. 25-Sep-2015

The project file had been sent to me by another user, already corrupted because she continuously ignored the read only /locked status and kept adding to the file and trying to save it, which corrupted the data.

This was completely user related. The recovery tool was able to restore the file, but not all of the columns were populated. I was able to recover the entire project thanks to Recovery Toolbox, I just had to rebuild the task list column.

Thanks! ~ Carrie. 24-Sep-2015

Thnx team for an excelent appplication for recovery ....

Thnx again ........

Sent from RediffmailNG on Android 14-Sep-2015

DEar support,

Thanks for all your hard work and effort! Waiting for further update ...

POM, IT Manager 15-Jul-2013


thank you for the very good CD recovery software. I have brought a second hand CD, on receiving, this CD could not work. There were a number of scratches. After a couple of trials, the software was able to recover the files and the installation was successfully done. Great!

Han (from Singapore) 03-Jan-2013

Compliments for your software, you're the best (excuse my poor English) good work!


Antonio. 14-Jun-2012

Congratulations on the program, I converted a 9.8GB file from ost to pst, I did it on a server 2003 and I made so many 1 GB files but only a file from 9.4GB in 6:34 hours. Thank you and congratulations again.


Fiorentini Imerio. 13-Mar-2012

I know you probably don't appreciate reply emails, but this software is goddamn amazing. Thank you so much.


Alastair. 06-Feb-2012

Thanks for your prompt response. The software worked very well as expected and saved us a lot of time instead of having to re-do the entire database file manually.


Prashant Divakaran. 20-Dec-2011


Brilliant - many thanks. I know I will not hesitate to purchase your products and I'll happily endorse them to others to use.

Well done. Regards, Tim Harper
Phone 0800 755 966 option 2 then 3 (SchoolZone)
Phone 03 443 5167 (DDI)
Mobile 027 617 9968
Fax 03 443 9900

This was so helpful!! Your support team is great and this product is the best! Thanks again for your help. I will be recommending this to my computer associates.

Regards, Cheryl Melville - 11-Aug-2011

Dear Support,

Thank you for your quick reply! The software is truly excellent! I was able to recover all the mail from the 60Gb .pst file and succesfully distributed it over 1,8Gb .pst files!

Great job on this magnificient piece of software, money very well spent!!

Regards, Erik - 15-July-2011


The only problem I'm having is importing calendar items into outlook from my recovered files.


Paul Scoles - 08-July-2011

Many thanks!

My daughter was really disappointed that a CD backup of a very precious audio file had been damaged. The CD was badly scratched and would only play 50% of the file.

I downloaded Recovery Toolbox for CD and left it doing it's job for a good few hours. When completed we were so pleased that your programme had managed to recover the file completely!!!

Coventry, UK - 23-Jun-2011

Thank you!!!

VERY NICE tool and it works!!!! I tryed others tools and did not work!!

I could recover all my emails from Outlook Express!

Carlos - 15-Mar-2011

Thank you again. Your software really saved me! I was feeling horrible --

I had very important emails and folders that all disappeared when my .PST went over 2GB. I never knew that the Outlook .pst file should not be allowed to go over 2GB. Anyway, I really appreciate that I found your software mentioned online among others who had experienced similar problems.

I feel much better now!:)

Gavin - 1-Oct-2010

Thank-you for your replies, the reference key email came my way mid-morning- I spent last night trying to get back some rly special photo's.

I thought I'd lost forever it was the worst feeling in the world, I got very wound up as I am not wonderful with advanced computer problems, and a lot of translation work to do on top of that!!

Your software is bloomin fantastic, I'm going to recommend you to anyone who ever experiences similar problems, best money I've spent all week, thank-you so much for all your help, I'm a very pleased customer!!

Kindest Regards,

Jennifer Lavis - 29-Sep-2010

Thanks a million. The files you sent work perfectly . Now my database is back.

Your software is affordable and reliable and thanx once more for the prompt support.

Usman Zubair - 25-Mar-2010

I've got a 2GB DBX file that won't open in OE and tried about a dozen other apps to restore it.
It had 650 messages full with pics, presentations etc.

Your prog was the only to restore all the messages with the attachmets intact.
Thank you. It was definitely worth the money.

All the best.
Al - 09-Mar-2010

The tool worked like a charm. My .pst file was very large and it saved me hours of work.

Dave in Kansas City, Missouri about the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password. - 26-Jan-2010

I would like to thank you for the detailed and quick response! Not only was your advice helpful, but I was also able to recover my document! I really appreciate this, and would like to be forwarded a link or contact information for reportiing excellent customer service if there is one.

If not, thanks again and have a great day!
I paid for another program in addition to yours that was twice as expensive...the more expensive program did not recover my document at all, but your program was half the cost and recovered my whole document.

Stinson Ferguson about the Recovery Toolbox for Word. - 22-Jan-2010

Just bought this software and it's great.
Works really well, saved my skin.
Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,
David Atherton. - 09-Oct-2009

THANK YOU!!!!!!! It worked!!!!!! Oh my, I am almost crying I am so happy!!!!
If you were anywhere near here, I'd hug your neck!! ;-))

You are a TRUE blessing to both me and my organization!!!!!

Marty Morgan

Marty Morgan, President
Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc.
Birmingham, AL
Operating in AL, MS, TN, SC, GA & FL - 29-Aug-2009

Hi Folks:

Thank you so much! Your program is amazing and has enabled me to recover all my emails twice now. Definitely worth the purchase.

Randi - 06-May-2009

Hi Folks:

Great piece of work! The free trial provides just enough to show that it works. Full functionality in the registered version is great!

Love it! Everything was fixed easily.

Thanks so much.

Andy Hoffer
Toronto, Canada - 28-Apr-2009

I updated all the service patches for Office and Windows O/S and reset the filter setting in Outlook 2007 today morning.

I can view all the mails in the recovered PST file now.

Thanks a lot for your help and follow the case for me with prompt reply.

Anyway, I like your service and support since I have encountered some vendors they cannot provide such good service and support like you.

If I encountered the same problem again that I cannot solve it by myself, hope you can solve it for me.

Thanks and regards,

Andy Ng
Senior Network Administrator - 10-Dec-2008

I wanted to thank you VERY much for your help. I was able to retrieve all my notes off my calendar. You don't know how much you've helped me out.

I just wanted you to know I appreciate it!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

April Denson - 10-Dec-2008

You're welcome. Thank you for a good product. My email may have come across as mean, but this little program is saving us.

We had to prove something that a client said via email months ago and that particular file got corrupt because it was over 2 gig in size and Microsoft Outlook Express has a problem with that. Fortunately I saved the file. Anyway, we were able to recover the necessary email to prove our point to this client and save the company a few thousand dollars, so thank you! I only mentioned the search or sort feature because it would have made this task a little less time consuming.

Edward Bowmaker
Colby Attorneys Service Co., Inc. - 08-Nov-2008

Thanks for a product that worked.. I first purchased Kennel for Outlook and in the repair process it kept conflicting with the operating system.. Could not get help or resolve it.

Your program worked first time.

Sgt Paul Ware
Fort Worth Police Department - 07-Nov-2008

Hi guys,

Further to a lethal mistake that wiped out all my contacts and calendar appointments, I went into the intranet to see if I could get any help.

Having created an image of my PC, I managed to recover my .ost file but this on itself was not enough.

This is where you played a roll. I must say I was quite hesitant of ordering a product that I did not know and also givin my credit card details, but your demo S/W worked and that decided me to take the chance.

Your product did the magic and I am now so releif that I recovered all my information!.

Iwould like to thank you and also congratulate you not only for the product but also for the professional way that the sale was done and how you kept me posted of each step down the road.

Well done, I will certainly recommend you

Best regards
Marcelo Hermida
PO Box 97752
Petervale 2151 South Africa - 26-Aug-2008

Thank you! Like the majority of the working world my life is tied up in email. When my email crashed last week, I was at a loss and did not know where to begin to restore my files.

I am not an IT professional. I found your Outlook Recovery Tool simple to use and thank God it fully restored all of my data.

I have now upgraded to a newer version of Outlook, which will support my larger files.

Thank you again for your great Tool and responsiveness to my inquiries!

Benita Sanserino - 12-Aug-2008

I rarely, if ever bother to comment on products. However, I want to commend you on an amazing product. My PST file was completely corrupted, and frankly I had written it off.

In desperation, I purchased your product. Being an IT professional, I understandably have my doubts regarding products with empty promises. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my entire PST file was instantly restored to its original state. (The Microsoft scanpst file utility was useless).

Thanks. And good work

Jim Grossman - 16-Jun-2008

Installed program, worked great first try. I was able to recover a corrupt 2+ GB .dbx file. Did not think I had a chance. Nice program, well worth the cost. I had tried two other competitive programs before yours without success.

Mark Huber - 27-May-2008

I think I discovered the issue. The installation of Outlook on the original machine was damaged. The secondary machine I was using (my work laptop) was Outlook 2007. I wiped the installation from the original and installed a clean Outlook 2003 ran the tool and I have a full recovery.
Thank you for your help. I am an IT professional and with this type of result I will be recommending this to my business and clients.

Jeff Sample
RTP Technical Services - 13-May-2008

This finally worked! Thank you once again for all your efforts. I appreciate it very much and will have no hesitation recommending recoverytoolbox to everyone I know.

Steven - 11-Jan-2008

Dear Recovery Toolbox Team,

First of all, I'd like to sincerely thank you more than anything for your outstanding program.
You just have saved my boss' & my team's e-mail/data of the past 4 years!
My boss' outlook inbox exceeded 2G & probably the dbx fild became corrupt. It wouldn't read, show, delete..etc.

Your program did the job simply right! Thank you to all your team again.

While using this program, and also trying to search for similar programs, I found out that in my country, there's quite a demand for this program... and with the right promotion, I believe that your programs could help lots of people suffering to restore their e-mails and data.

Best regards,
Julee Kim - 08-Jul-2007

I have a client whose OE inbox was at the maximum (just over 2 gig). He couldn't move, delete or view most of the emails.

I took a copy of his inbox dbx file and restored his inbox, but he will wanted a few of the emails from his old inbox.

It turned out there was also a corruption with his inbox.

I purchased a business license of Recovery Toolbox and proceeded to examine his inbox.

Of all the programs I tested, some couldn't even see the inbox, some said it was corrupted and would go no further, many trial software bombed out completely. One exported the emails to an unreadable xls file and took over 2 hours to do so.

Yours was the only software that would see his inbox properly. After purchasing the business license, Recovery Toolbox not only saw all his emails but was able to recover them completely (including some deleted emails). Of the 2 gig inbox, it completed the entire process in under an hour.

I will have no hesitation in using Recovery Toolbox again and recommending it to my fellow PC technicians.

I also liked the way it date stamped the extracted eml files. Since he only wanted the last couple of month's emails, he will be able to find them easily.

This program got both myself and him out of hot water. All I can say is well done to the programmers.

I just wanted to say thank you as you seem to know what you are doing!

Best regards,
Craig McDonald
Managing Director,
Craig Allan Solutions Pty. Ltd.
Phone +613 9772 4514
Fax +613 9772 4514
Mobile 0408 519 589

I just want to let you know - we tried multiple applications to recover a PST file that became corrupted after it grew larger than 2 GB. All of them said they could recover the file, but none were able to do so, except for your product. It was simple to use and did the job right - we can't ask for anything more than that. And, saving the file in multiple smaller parts gives us a chance to recover the data without having to worry about it blowing up immediately!

Bob H., Dallas TX - 08-May-2007

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