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Fast, efficient and 100% free recovery tool for files and folders deleted from NTFS-formatted drives.

If you have been using computers for a good while, you won't have any problems recalling situations where you really (!) regretted having deleted some trash files or folders. What seemed completely unnecessary eventually turned out to be quite important and its loss became a problem with no apparent solution. Valuable files could be deleted by you (by mistake), by poorly written programs, uninstallation scripts and, of course, viruses and malware of all shapes and forms.

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Fortunately, modern file systems always provide a chance to reverse your actions or the consequences of intentional attacks. This chance does not always lie on the surface and you will definitely need a special tool to do it, but the good news is that if it hasn't been too long since the file was deleted, it may still be there and you can recover it in no time. So if you have been looking for such a tool for future needs or are trying to recover an important file that was accidentally deleted from your hard drive, try Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free!

Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free (download) is an efficient recovery tool for the NTFS file system. The program can be used free of charge, but it's not limited in any way - it provides all the recovery features usually found in popular commercial products. The software has a very clear, straightforward and easy to use wizard-based interface that turns the entire recovery process into a chain of interconnected steps. In fact, the program is so easy to understand that anyone can use it, even if they have no recovery experience and possess a bare minimum of computer skills. All you need to do to get from point A to point B is to follow on-screen instructions and make your choices.

The recovery process consists of the following steps:

  1. Welcome screen. This is the startup screen of the program containing a welcome message.
  2. Source disk selection. At this step, the user has to select the drive letter to be scanned for deleted files. Once scanning is complete, the program will proceed to the next step.
  3. File and folder selection. This is the key page of the wizard that enables you to browse folders, see deleted files and their details, search for specific files and, of course, mark files for recovery.
  4. Selection of the output location, restoration mode and other recovery options.
  5. Post-recovery report.

The program works in all major Windows versions supporting NTFS , such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista and the latest Windows 7. In order to function correctly and be able to recover files, Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free must be started with administrator rights.

Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free is a perfectly balanced, convenient and useful recovery tool for files deleted in the NTFS file system. If a file you accidentally deleted was important, don't panic - just minimize all write operations on this disk, if possible, and use Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free to find and restore your data. With Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free, it will take you a few seconds to bring back your files and start using them again!

Requirements: Windows 98 or above

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