How to recover passwords of PDF file with Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password?

PDF files are a universal means of document exchange used by millions of companies and individuals across the world. PDF files are compact, can be opened on a wide range of devices, both stationary and mobile, and can be easily and quickly shared online. PDF files are read-only by default, so users cannot change their content, but if you are looking for even more protection for your sensitive PDF documents, you can use additional PDF password protection. It will reliably hide your documents from prying eyes, but what if you forget a password or receive an important document, but no password for it? If you know or remember any part of the password, you will need a solution like Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password (download) to get a chance to regain access to the document.

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Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password is an advanced recovery tool for password-protected Adobe PDF files. The software supports all types of password encryption used in PDF files and offers flexible password recovery options. Prior to proceeding with password recovery, make sure you understand the process by reading the information below.

Ultra-flexible password recovery

Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password is an extremely flexible and powerful solution for efficient recovery of PDF file passwords. The program is lightweight, has a highly intuitive interface and provides everything necessary for recovering passwords from PDF files encrypted by different versions of PDF file protection systems.

The recovery process consists of 5 distinct steps with specific actions required on each of them:

  1. Selection of the source PDF file.

    That's where you can select a file the program will pick a password for.

  2. Password type selection

    That's where you select the type of password to be recovered: user password or owner password.

  3. Password Wizard / Mask Constructor

    That's where you define how the password will be recovered. Your choices here affect the speed of password recovery and its general feasibility

  4. Password recovery

    At this step, the program calculates new hash values and compares them with the hash values in the file according to the password recovery settings defined on step 3. The software displays the current recovery parameters, such as the time elapsed and left, the number of threads it uses, its performance, the protection system used in the file and, of course, the current progress with up to hundredths of percent accuracy.

  5. Results window / End of recovery

    This is the end of the password recovery process. The program will either show you the recovered password or report of a failed attempt to recover it.

As you can see, the process is fairly straightforward and all you need to do is to carefully read on-screen instructions, especially the ones about defining a password recovery pattern. This will help you achieve the desired result faster. Since the process of setting recovery options is fairly complex, it is highly recommended that you read the usage manual prior to using the program.

Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password allows you to recover passwords in two modes: Password Wizard and Mask Constructor. The latter mode is intended for advanced users and can be activated in the program menu. By default, the Password Wizard mode is used. Compared with the Password Wizard mode, Mask Constructor offers 2-3 times as many password recovery options and enables users to minimize the password recovery time in certain situations. Both modes allow you to pause or suspend the recovery process at any moment. Suspending the process saves the current progress to the file and allows you to resume it in the future. Note that this ability of the program is not based on the file location. Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password will resume the process even if you reopen the same file moved to another folder or drive.

Being a CPU-intensive tool (by definition), Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password is capable of utilizing as many CPU cores (physical and virtual) as your system has, so the faster and more advanced it is, the faster you will get your passwords recovered. Note that the nature of password recovery implies that the process may take hours and even days in some cases, depending on the options you select, the speed of your system and, of course, the complexity of the password being recovered.

The demo version of the program will only display the first 3 characters of a recovered password. To remove the limitation, purchase the full version. If, for some reason, the program fails to recover a password from your PDF file, it will show a corresponding notification. In this case, you can send the PDF file you are working with to the program developers by clicking the Send file to developers button at the bottom of the screen (or using the Send source file command from the program menu). You will also have to provide information about the password along with the file to enable the program authors to help you recover it.

If you are looking for an ultimate password reconstruction tool for Adobe PDF files, few products would be even nearly as functional, fast and efficient as Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password!

Requirements: Windows 98 or above


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