How to recover deleted e-mails and contacts in Windows Live Mail?

Freeware tool for undelete e-mails and contacts in Windows Live Mail

Mail Undelete Recovery Toolbox Free (Download - EULA) lets you quickly undelete e-mails and contacts at no cost if they were deleted from the Deleted folder in the e-mail client Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail is the default e-mail client in Windows Vista/7/10.

The undelete process is divided into several steps:

  1. Selection of the disk where the deleted e-mails and contacts are stored
  2. Analysis of disk data
  3. Preview of recovered Live Mail e-mails and contacts
  4. Selection of target folder for storing recovered e-mails and contacts

If you accidentally cleaned the "Deleted" folder, and the e-mails and contacts were very important, the Mail Undelete Recovery Toolbox Free program can scan the entire hard drive (HDD) and try to retrieve them.

The program only works with media using the NTFS file system.

To undo the deletion of contacts and e-mails, the program must scan the entire disk and analyze the possibility of restoring the deleted data. In some cases, recovery might not be possible for various reasons, such as the following:

  1. The disk partitions where the deleted file was located are now used by another file
  2. Data in the File Allocation Table (FAT) was extensively modified
  3. High-performance disks such as SSD disks were set up in the system

The advantages of the freeware tool Mail Undelete Recovery Toolbox Free:

  1. Simple, understandable interface
  2. High-speed disk management

Recovery of deleted e-mails or contacts from an NTFS disk may only require a few clicks of the mouse!

Requirements: Windows Vista and newer

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