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Mulia 02/28/2021

It happened when I wanted to transfer data from external HDD 1 to another HDD. while still in the process the electricity goes out

Maxi 02/26/2021

in order to save mails and contacts from a really old PC with Outlook Express(!) installed, I temporarily installed Outlook 2010 on it, as I wanted to import the Outlook Express mails and contacts into a PST file. After some hours the import was completed, and I had an about 2,1 GB PST file. However, Outlook 2010 on the old PC and Outlook 2019 on the new PC could not open this PST file, and several iterations of Microsoft´s "scanpst.exe" did not solve the problem. So I used your recovery toolbox, it could successfully repair the PST file, and Outlook 2019 was able to open it... :-) Kind regards, Maxi

Roberto Ciccioli 02/24/2021

Dear Recovery Toolbox Developers Team, the app made a good job converting the .ost file into .pst file. Best Regards Roberto Ciccioli

정휘도 02/17/2021

I am using an application called Drawboard, but it suddenly turned off while saving a file... Cannot load pdf even after starting the application

hoissassa 02/04/2021

All mails in Microsoft 365 - outlook were gone when I moved them to an archive on an external drive. Restoration was about 95% successful.

garyashdown2003@yahoo.co.uk 02/02/2021

Recovery of a corrupted CD containing 700MB of photo files (jpg). Working, but really slow at 1 hour per MB!

Rob 01/14/2021

My file could not be opened by the Outlook 2010 Program I use. I was looking for a way to recover what was in an ost file and your Demo program succeeded. I created a PST with the full program and was able to use the file to see the mail. What would really be nice is a way your program could create a tab delimited file of all the fields and then thae file could be read into a Data Base program. Thanks

ingridmac@gmail.com 12/14/2020

we had a corrupt file due to size is my guess, one file was 14 gb the second was 9 and when we tried to move them and restore them, they became corrupt. this software allowed us to recover the data which account department needed thank you

Dr. Krushnath D Shirke 12/14/2020

Thanks for the team for devoloping such a useful and easy software to get solutions on all that is corrupted files i.e word or excel. I am very much thankful to the team for their support as i was totally frustrated as my most important research work report which i was going to submit suddenly got corrupted and their was really no way what could be done. As i came across Recovery Tool Box on google i tried on this and what a miracle should i say whole of my data got recovered without any disturbance. Thanks a Lot for your Software ........ Online Recovery Service: https://online.recoverytoolbox.com/ this a direct link were u can get solution to your problems about courapted files.. Thank You !!

Priyantosh 12/14/2020