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Вадим 05/27/2018

Great program, saves

Liliana Albarracin 05/23/2018

The file was damaged after closing the laptop, without turning-off it. Damaged appearance and other files, after closing the laptop without shutting down or saving.

yonaigris Matos 05/13/2018

I worked for several days on the presentation in PowerPoint. I did not turn off the computer. The computer just went into sleep mode. But at the beginning of the working day, the computer did not come out of sleep mode. After the equipment was overloaded, the presentation stopped opening. I have no idea why my computer shut down. When I turned it on and opened the illustration, I received a message "the file can not be repaired".

jose 04/18/2018

Virus on the computer. I tried to save the file, it took a while. And then I could not save it.

Communicate 03/31/2018

donte know. in sudden it doesnt open . dont know the reason was showing parsing problem

Katherine Thomas 03/26/2018

All my Word files are corrupted, I can't open them. Open and repair doesn't help

H 03/26/2018

I was working on the file when it suddenly closed. And then I tried to reopen it. And it does not let me say that the format or the extensions are not valid.

vips 03/15/2018


raul 03/09/2018

A damaged Excel file was on the server, and when the power was cut, it was corrupted.

Josiane 03/06/2018

I saved and it just did not open anymore