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Andres 09/09/2019

When I tried to save the file, it did not complete. And when you closed the application, it damaged the file.

jose 09/02/2019

The computer shuts down and stops displaying the file

Ignacio 08/12/2019


Victor 08/04/2019

I received a DWG file by email that I could not open

naveen 07/30/2019

While updating data in that file power got off and system was shut down unexpectedly after power came I tried to open the file but I received a error message stating that file has been corrupted

Sunil Kumar 07/21/2019

Excel file got corrupted after PC sleap.

Nene 06/07/2019

One file on Word get corrupted from my USB, all the others files are ok.

Ghighi 05/07/2019

Worked very good to recover an Excel file that I could no more open with Excel and had the message "file format is not valid". I used only once the online version and it was worth to pay it. It could not recover the cell names too, but I can survive without them. I am satisfied and glad this recovery toolbox exists, thanks !

flakes 04/26/2019

Actually hard disk get damaged then i recover all file ...

Art 04/24/2019

Trying to recover about a dozen large JPEGs in one specific folder from a CD-R. I had managed to copy the bulk of 100's of images to my hard drive but I really wanted these ones. These images wouldn't copy and took too long to open in explorer or Irfanview. The thumbnails looked OK though. After about 20 hours of trying, recovery toolbox "saved" the full sized selected files, showing thumbnails but the full sizes were all sliced and smeared.