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Ken Hill 05/19/2021

To my knowledge the files are not damaged. I had intended to get the password recovery program but got the mail reader instead. However I am happy with both. Thank you;

Johnny B. 05/07/2021

One day, opening Outlook Express, the Inbox was suddenly found almost empty, while, before, there where stored thousands of mails. Everything else was OK, with new e-mails being regularly downloaded and stacked into the inbox folder. I was disapponted because my 5-years e-mail history was lost. However, looking at the .dbx files in my HD, I discovered that the inbox file was 1.3GB, despite it appeared almost empty to the mail client SW. So I suspected that a corruption happened and, hopefully, some recovery could be done. And in fact, thanks to the Recovery Toolbox, I've been able to recover almost 100% of the thousands e-mails from the corrupted .dbx file and get back to a normal situation. It took some time because the corrupted file was veeery big, but the process has been smooth and simple. The possibility given by the free trial to check if the messages and attachments can be effectively recovered is great. Then you can decide if to buy or not the license and do the full recovery process. Given the results, I'm happy because for a fair price I've resolved a big problem, and I have a great tool in my hands whenever something goes wrong again.

Michael Peress 04/08/2021

your product worked great! I have no idea how the file became corrupted, I was using the file and my operating system stopped responding. When I rebooted the computer, the file would not open and when excel tried to recover it, the spreadsheet was completely empty. I opened the excel file as a zip file and I could see in the xml that the sheet was there, but the xml cuts off about half way into the file. The strings from the second half of the file were also missing from the xml that stores the strings. your product recovered the part of the spreadsheet that was still there (I don't think it would have been possible to recover the other part because I don't think the data was even there anymore) and luckily I had a backup of the part that was missing.

Rick Van Akin 04/07/2021

We believe the Database was corrupted by loss of power.

Viet-Ngu (Vincent) Hoang 04/05/2021

hi there, thanks for following up. I managed to get it done beautifully. I love the software, great work. cheers

j-poehly 03/29/2021

I support some seniors in a residence. One of them had the problem, that Outlook stops within actualization. So he always had to shut down the laptop and start again. Microsoft gives some help information and the last suggestion was to delete the profile and create a new one. That works, but all information of calendar and contacts were lost. The old .ost file couldn't be opened anymore. Then I googled for the problem and find the recovery tool. It works, thanks.

Thomas 03/25/2021

Basically all appointments, emails and contacts have been successfully restored. However, the contact groups were empty. In no way did I manage to restore the group.

Sean Snow 03/17/2021

Well it is a little interesting on how it occurred. I have the Dropbox App on my computer, I signed into it as I have an account. All my folders and files started to sync with Dropbox and a ton of them disappeared. For some dumb reason I had just ran CCleaner. We did recover the files but they were all as you guys see them.

Wolle48 03/05/2021

Hello. My wife spilled a cup of tea on her Lenovo laptop. After that, unfortunately, nothing came of it. So I removed the SSD hard drive and tried to save some data, which I pretty much succeeded in. Failed to process only Outlook Ost files. Then I came across your program. Thanks to this, I was able to convert the entire ost file to a pst file. All calendar dates since 2000 have been saved. Thus, the purchase of your program has paid off.

Steve 03/01/2021

I didn't think my OST was damaged; just disconnected. However, my first attempt at simply exporting to PST yielded an empty PST file. I chose to repair/recover. Note: my OST was 44GB and the recovery took 24 hours! This was on an SSD. Neither CPU nor disk was a bottleneck so plan some time for large OST files! Hard to tell if 100% of my data was recovered but 100% of what I needed was. Money well spent.