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jorgecfaria@hotmail.com 09/20/2019

When I tried to save the file, the process did not end. And when I closed the application, it damaged the file.

Andres 09/09/2019

When I tried to save the file, it did not complete. And when you closed the application, it damaged the file.

jose 09/02/2019

The computer shuts down and stops displaying the file

Ignacio 08/12/2019


Victor 08/04/2019

I received a DWG file by email that I could not open

naveen 07/30/2019

While updating data in that file power got off and system was shut down unexpectedly after power came I tried to open the file but I received a error message stating that file has been corrupted

Sunil Kumar 07/21/2019

Excel file got corrupted after PC sleap.

Nene 06/07/2019

One file on Word get corrupted from my USB, all the others files are ok.

Ghighi 05/07/2019

Worked very good to recover an Excel file that I could no more open with Excel and had the message "file format is not valid". I used only once the online version and it was worth to pay it. It could not recover the cell names too, but I can survive without them. I am satisfied and glad this recovery toolbox exists, thanks !

flakes 04/26/2019

Actually hard disk get damaged then i recover all file ...