Testimonials / Real stories about people's files getting damaged

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jhoel 11/11/2019

the computer was turned off with the document open

Andres 11/11/2019

Delete the file because I thought I wouldn't need it anymore .. what a mistake. 1 month later I needed it, I downloaded a program to recover deleted files and this one. but when I went to open it, Illustrator sent me "the file is of an unknown format and Illustrator cannot be opened"

karla 11/06/2019

It was 3 a.m. I was about to pass my file to usb to continue working at school, but I was so asleep that instead of copying you select delete, it is my final work for the thesis.

jaimezal 10/23/2019

I accidentally cleaned the Windows cache and I don't know how the most important file of my research work flew

l.rivet47 10/19/2019

Files damaged after a computer hung-up

kano 10/14/2019

I recovered it from a formatted disk and I couldn't do it in word

andrea 10/14/2019

Very useful tool

dam 10/06/2019

When we tried to save the file, it did not close the program. And when we closed the application, it damaged the file.

Nishi 10/01/2019

I was working on this particular file on my PC when there was a power cut and in this process the file got damaged.

jorgecfaria@hotmail.com 09/20/2019

When I tried to save the file, the process did not end. And when I closed the application, it damaged the file.