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Змея 09/13/2021


Magi A 07/31/2021

Amazingly Excellent tool. Excellent tool. It happened like... A known brother of mine wanted to copy their marriage cd to usb. It was a very old one. Then we found there were scratches and blotches on the CD and it didn't work properly. Finally this tool RECOVERY TOOLBOX came in handy. I got it from a search and didn't have much hopes. However it worked like wonder and got us the corrupted files and did a very perfect recovery. Love this tool. A big blessing to oldies like us.

Rajamanohar 07/12/2021

Nice job

Olivier JAUQUET 07/05/2021

.pst file corrupted due to renaming of color categories in the calendar

I.S. Hill 07/02/2021

I used the software to recover my Contact List that somehow disappeared without warning. Now reinstalled into Outlook 2016, running on the latest Windows 10 Pro. The message here - periodically backup Contacts by Exporting as CVS file. Another manual BU task sadly.

Luis Garcia 06/17/2021

I am newly involved in a very old ERP system, it was developed on VB6 and with Access 97, I have not found why the databases are getting damaged, but it happens very often, I do not have the source code so I can only assume the database is not being properly written into.

Rido Zeinyta 06/07/2021

At first, i thought this is a scam and my file wasn't recovered. But the Tech Support literally give me the recovered file via e-mail and it was AWESOME! I wish I could afford the personal license one day

Leonardo 06/07/2021

An excellent product thanks to which I have restored all emails that were carelessly deleted and therefore lost. Many thanks

Clodomir LOZ 06/05/2021

May 2020 Verbatim DVD_R recorded in 2008 was partially more readable, thanks to your product I was able to recover 90% of Raid Orion video from 1972, copy of super 8 movie ... took a long time but great, I've tried many other things before - to no avail. I recommend !

Piet 05/25/2021

After having worked at a different branch of the same organization I lost all my emails over the last years. Due to your product I managed to retreive the emails by converting the OST file int a PST file.