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Frank 12/12/2021

I needed to recover emails from an ost file that I realized too late could not be opened or imported by Outlook. Using your software I was able to easily recover these critical emails.

Andrew Brown 12/06/2021

The file is on a file server and the file was open on a PC on the network. We had a power flicker but the PC that had the file open did not reboot, (the file server has a UPS) so we closed down the file and saved it. The next morning it would not open.

Mattia 12/04/2021

I had a DVD with many wrong files and impossible to install, I didn't think I could use it and instead with the Recovery Toolbox for CD it worked great! Thanks!

Hero Tepy 12/01/2021

I don’t know why the source files were damaged - that’s why I asked for help. But I’ve already retrieved the content. Cheers.

Pauline 10/25/2021

My word document, part of my Ph.D. dissertation got corrupted just as I was about to save it on the cloud. 2 days' worth of work...graphs, equations, a write-up... (I had not backed up all weekend...lesson learned) was about to be lost. I tried every method available and this is the only one that repaired and recovered my document. I have now re-saved and backed up that file!!! Thank you so much Recovery Toolbox!!! I can tell you I have learned my lesson.

Alain60 10/16/2021

I have supposed wrongly that imap files were stored both on the mail server and locally in Outlook files. After having suppressed my mail account I realized that I have lost all my imap files. Using a backup file I was able to find a .ost file where my files were stored. Using the recovery tools for Outlook, I was able to convert the .ost files into a .pst file that I was able to import inti Outlook.

Adrian 09/27/2021

The mysql.db table corrupted (not sure what actually corrupted). I was able to fully recover my database and rebuilt a new instance of mysql and reload my database. So all goo.

Kathy 09/27/2021

I had the file open when my laptop froze. I was unable to use task manager to end the program (all apps were frozen) so I had to power off the machine. When I rebooted and opened the project file, I began getting the 'not a project file' error. The recovery toolbox worked EXCEPT for the critical Task field.

Enrique 09/13/2021

All perfectly