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Dean 06/15/2020

Thank you!!!! Your project is amazing and I was able to recover a bunch of old family files!!!! My Uncle was a huge genealogy buff and spent a lot of time researching our family history and ancestry. When he passed away I got all his old CDs (10+ years old) with all his research. Thanks to your awesome product I can view our family history.

info@avenirbio.in 05/08/2020

Thank you for the conversion

etienne.rooms1@telenet.be 04/13/2020

Cannot open Outlook by sending too large image

Yazhvenba 01/30/2020

This document was created in mobile phone. I lost the content during mobile switch off.

NEWCARTOON 12/21/2019

Exporting 51% to an AutoCad file took 24 hours of continuous operation. However, I think this is an absolutely necessary tool.

александр 12/13/2019

This program works wonders. My music tracks, which I could not restore with any similar program, recovered without errors and very quickly

Kevin Fleming 11/15/2019

RAID controller went bad and corrupted server with lots of data. Purchased this tool to try to repair/recover .pdf files.

Светлана 11/12/2019

My ex-boss deleted all files from the computer upon dismissal. I was assigned to her place, the files were restored. But unfortunately not all files were opened. This file is very necessary.

jhoel 11/11/2019

the computer was turned off with the document open

Andres 11/11/2019

Delete the file because I thought I wouldn't need it anymore .. what a mistake. 1 month later I needed it, I downloaded a program to recover deleted files and this one. but when I went to open it, Illustrator sent me "the file is of an unknown format and Illustrator cannot be opened"