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Steve Taylor 08/15/2020

Several days ago I loaded the Excel file like always and was informed by Excel there was an error in the file and I had the option of recovering it. I don't know how it got damaged. The Recovery toolbox gave me a file that was much like the one that Excel had repaired.

Alfonso 07/29/2020

Successfully recovered an old PST file from an Office 2000 corrupted because the file size was more than 2gb.

Karen 07/16/2020

Absolutely over the moon. Does exactly what it says it does. Repaired a DVD for me!

Michel 07/15/2020

It has succesfully recovered a damaged DVD with a 690MB video file (.avi). The process took 5 days + 5 nights of continous process on a i7 processor, but the file has been saved ! Congratulation for this tool ! I have 3 other damaged DVD and of course I am about to use this file again...

WScheer 06/18/2020

I have a DVD of home movies. My goal, give my two sons copies of the videos for Fathers Day. The videos include my now deceased second of three sons. The importance of this is hard to convey. That said, from the heart of this 72 year old, hard-assed grandfather, thank you. Thank you so very-very much.

Dean 06/15/2020

Thank you!!!! Your project is amazing and I was able to recover a bunch of old family files!!!! My Uncle was a huge genealogy buff and spent a lot of time researching our family history and ancestry. When he passed away I got all his old CDs (10+ years old) with all his research. Thanks to your awesome product I can view our family history.

info@avenirbio.in 05/08/2020

Thank you for the conversion

etienne.rooms1@telenet.be 04/13/2020

Cannot open Outlook by sending too large image

Yazhvenba 01/30/2020

This document was created in mobile phone. I lost the content during mobile switch off.

NEWCARTOON 12/21/2019

Exporting 51% to an AutoCad file took 24 hours of continuous operation. However, I think this is an absolutely necessary tool.