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Dr. Krushnath D Shirke 12/14/2020

Thanks for the team for devoloping such a useful and easy software to get solutions on all that is corrupted files i.e word or excel. I am very much thanful to the team for their support as i was totally frosted as my research work report which i was going to submite suddenly got corrupted their was really no way what could be done. As i came across Recovery Tool Box on google i tried on this and what should i say whole of my data got recovered without any disturbance. Thanks a Lot for your Software ........ Online Recovery Service: https://online.recoverytoolbox.com/ this a direct link were u can get problem to your solution about courapted files.

ggal 12/13/2020

I had backed up various .ost files for Outlook, but could not migrate them to my new computer. I was able to restore them with Recovery Toolbox by easily converting them to .pst format.

Beat 12/12/2020

I accidentally deleted the sent mails and have to restore them from a backup of the OST file.

Mc-Intosh 10/31/2020

Hi everyone, I am not sure, but I think my files have been corrupted by virus. But thanks to Recovery Toolbox for Excel, I succeeded to recover all of them. Good app !

zuindeau 10/25/2020

I could no longer open a file on a usb key. Apparently he was corrupt. The recovery toolbox has restored it ... only partially. Pity !

Darwood 10/12/2020

Wife had a SSD problem on her Macbook, was loaded and running extremely slow. It didn't save her file even after Trying 3 times. I saved the recovery file to a backup folder. When Powerpoint was closed and then reopened it never offered to recover the file. So We were left without the changes made over a day on it. With your tool we managed to recover most of her work and she was sorted out With a 5 minutes touch up on everything. Thank you.

K.Möbius 10/10/2020

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I had to restore the ost file from a deleted account and play it back. This worked perfectly with your tool, so I don't need any further help. The files were perfectly converted to a PST and imported. Thank you and best wishes

Fernando Zabala 09/22/2020

I had a problem with my Adobe Illustrator file, it said that the archive was damaged, I didn´t found much info of the problem, but I tried this and I recovered all my 2 weeks of work. I RECOMMEND THIS PAGE, and I'll use it again no doubt. (I am a spanish speaker, so forgive if I misspell)

Nando I Q 09/17/2020

:( I had a 2-day job ... it was almost ready to print ... the power went out ... and it could no longer be opened.

abenitesvil 08/20/2020

One of my clients had a database server that was infected with ransomware Makop. The database files gets corrupted :(