Testimonials / Real stories about people's files getting damaged

Post your story about files that you could no longer open to access your data.

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Benis69 01/12/2022

The program repaired my pdf file successfully. Nice.

Mauro 01/12/2022

No damage. I need only to convert a .ost file disconnected from exchange. I achieved my purpose.

嘉遇 01/02/2022

I don't know the reason why my RAR is damaged. All I remember is that when I made rar from my first computer and transferred it to a USB flash drive, the computer crashed and the file disappeared. Then when I undo the operation, the file is back and can be opened and used on the first computer. After the usb drive was transferred to the second computer, the RAR wouldn't open.

Mitchell Bellemo 12/19/2021

We use OneDrive as continuous backup . All are files are synchronized on real time while working. The PC had a windows crash (blu screen) while saving the last item inserted and it couldn’t finish the process before the crash. After the PC rebooted, the file was damaged.

Document Doctor 12/16/2021

It would seem some of the larger PDF image files were damaged due to a poor USB connection. All fixed.

Frank 12/12/2021

I needed to recover emails from an ost file that I realized too late could not be opened or imported by Outlook. Using your software I was able to easily recover these critical emails.

Andrew Brown 12/06/2021

The file is on a file server and the file was open on a PC on the network. We had a power flicker but the PC that had the file open did not reboot, (the file server has a UPS) so we closed down the file and saved it. The next morning it would not open.

Mattia 12/04/2021

I had a DVD with many wrong files and impossible to install, I didn't think I could use it and instead with the Recovery Toolbox for CD it worked great! Thanks!

Hero Tepy 12/01/2021

I don’t know why the source files were damaged - that’s why I asked for help. But I’ve already retrieved the content. Cheers.